March 31, 2010

Semi Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Like I said before, Wordless Wednesday is a trial and error.  One day there might just be a picture for you all to enjoy and ponder, but until then I give you:
Playing golf in Costa Rica...doing what he loves best!
My Husband!  My sweet dedicated Husband.  Whom I have barely seen in the last 2 weeks, and don't expect to see until finals are over. His studies and school have taken him away from me, and I want him back!  Some day, we will both look back at this time in our lives and say it was all worth it.  Until then, we have our time constrained g-chat sessions, sweet texts, and talking on the phone in a soft voice, because he is sitting in the law library.  One day there will be dinner on the table for two again, but I can't help but love that he doesn't expect a plate of dinner when he gets home late (I know... I know...bad wife). I dedicate this blog to him and his ways.  I admire his dedication to his studies, so he can do what he is going to love.
I love him!

Thanks for reading!
775 More Days Until he graduates...
I want to say until he is mine again...but we all know lawyer hours...:)

March 25, 2010

Persian New Year 2010

Persian New Year

On March 20th, William and I celebrated our first official married couple Persian New Year.  What's Persian New Year....You ask?  Well if you are not close to me, haven't lived with me, or know any Persians, then good chance you probably don't know.  Every year on the first day of spring, Iranians (Persians) celebrate their New Year. The Persian New Year consists of valued Iranian traditions going on for over 3000 years.  In my eyes, growing up, Persian New Year is a time to throw out the bad, bring in the good, celebrate being alive, and the celebration of all things new.  My mom always dressed me in a "new" outfit, we receive "new" crisp money, surround ourselves with family and friends, ate lots of good food and sweets, and party hardy. 

This year, unfortunately Oklahoma endured yet another snow storm.  So, bringing in the Persian New Year, celebrating the first day of spring was trampled by 5 inches + of snow.  BUT, you defiantly can't stop a Persian from having fun!  William and I celebrated at home at 12:32 pm exactly, although I got the times confused, I brought in the New Year by scrubbing down the kitchen counters from brunch....side note.  Anyways, I gave William lots of hugs and kisses, along with Izze and Bohdi, talked to family on the phone, then we jumped into our new gear (clothes).  We attended a wedding later that night, and had a complete blast!! 

I am thinking next year, I will continue to add to each Persian New Year tradition one by one, year by year, in hopes that a freak snow storm won't hinder me from doing so.

Happy Persian New Year

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 781 More Days Until William Gradu-ma-tates :)

March 19, 2010

Aspen 2010

Adult Spring Break 2010

For spring break, William and I decided we needed a break from the flat lands of Oklahoma and made our way up to Aspen, CO.  Our very dear friends Laura and Kyle live there, and I was due for some much needed attention from Laura :).  We had an absolute blast!  The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny, warm, and quite the opposite of the harsh weather from last year's trip to Aspen.

I also, (Thank GOD) did not get injured and my knees did not fail me this trip.  That was the major PLUS of the trip.  I was a little more cautious going down the mountain (I think it was partially due to that little voice in my head that kept saying "Don't fall, don't still have one good knee." "Don't fall, don't fall, because riding down the mountain in a toboggan was one of the most miserable and embarrassing times of your life."), but it was well worth every minute.

 Look Ma...My Knees Work!!

I always forget about the scenery when we go up the steep slopes to ski, but it is always so breath taking, and consuming.  I can never look back at what I am doing, I rather just stare at the open skis and snow covered rocky mountains.

 Besides skiing, we ate A LOT of good food, we drank LOTS of red wine, vacationed with great people, and got some much needed R&R. 

I really have to thank Kyle & Laura for being such gracious hosts, that hooked us up while we were in Aspen.  THANKS soo VERY much from the Pace Family!

SMO Love!

Laura & me....can you tell?

 Patriotic Bliss..

At's what we do best...

The Group!

The Girls

Fabulous Aspen

 Great Time with Great Friends!!

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786 More Days until William Graduates!...The numbers are getting smaller...No? :)

March 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays

Wordless Wednesday Thursday

I am stealing this one right from my sister in law!  Wordless Wednesday Thursday is no words just a picture (or 2..3...or maybe 4).  I mean they always say "A picture is worth a thousand words".  So, here you Wordless Wednesday Thursday pictures (I forgot to post this last night, so just for today it will be Wordless Thursday).

Pshh, and you thought you were getting no words from me.  I can't help it...I'm a talker (or writer in this blogging case).  I guess you can call this trial and error "Wordless Wednesday"??? 

The reason I posted these beau-ti-ful mountain pictures is because Will and I are going to Aspen VERY soon!  I am super excited, and almost can't contain myself as the days get closer to going Skiing.  William and I are very much in love with the mountains, and almost moved to Denver (which I still want to), because of our love for the mountains.  I love love love skiing!! I always say it's the only talent God gave me, because I am terrible at all sports, and some days just even walking :).

Oh YES, and I can't forget the other reason (and probably most important) we are going is to visit these folks:

Laura & Kyle...Whoo Hoo!

Stay tune for more pictures soon to come from our trip!

Thanks for Reading!

801 more days until William Graduates...
And maybe we can fulfill our dream and move to Denver????