November 5, 2010


(we heart it)
Dear Fall,
Stick around for awhile...

I have never appreciated the beauty of fall.  I think this all stems back to grade school when I held on to summer as my only source of freedom, and as the sun died down and the swimming pools became covered..that is when fall approached and my world seemed to come tumbling down from sun, pools, and sprinklers...into homework and school. <---I have never been a true lover ;)

Fast forward to adulthood and as the summer sizzling heat pours into my car and onto my leather seats that awaits for me after work, just so I can feel the joy of burned legs...well that's when I know I have had enough of the summer heat and I jump for joy when those leaves start turning and the crisp air greets me after a long day :)

I can certainly appreciate all aspects of fall...

I love wrapping myself up in a huge sweater at night and endulging in a calorie consuming giant cup of hot chocolate <---gotta get the real sugar free at my house

I love coming home and admiring my mums coming into full bloom and my flowers not turning brown in that dreaded summer heat

And as fall always reminded me of that knot in my stomach that came with the first day of school and loss of freedom, well it still brings me the warm feeling that Christmas is just around the corner and I really love that feeling ;)

Happy Fall!

556 more days until William gradutes :)

November 2, 2010


Take out the time today and go VOTE!  I don't care what you are, who you are, or who you are voting for...just let your voice be heard and go vote!

Happy Voting!
559 more days until William graduates....