February 22, 2010

Wife of the Month Award?

Mardi Gras 2010

William went to New Orleans to visit his dear friend Matt Thomas last weekend, and also celebrated Mardi Gras.  Now, most of you know that last weekend was also Valentine's Day, so I am figuring I could quite possibly get Wife of the Month award for the month of February??  I managed to keep my complaints minimal and to assure William that Valentine's Day is just hallmark holiday, so have some fun in New Orleans!

With that said, William had a great time (Who am I kidding...of course he did, I mean it is New Orleans).  He just so happen to go when the Saints just won the Super Bowl, so everything was just as crazy as it can get.  On his last night, he attended a ball (full tux and everything...and I might add I was super jealous) called the Bacchus Ball.  From what William was decribing to me, there was a massive parade inside the ball along with Drew Brees (Mardi Gras King) riding on a float, and a concert by Better Than Ezra.  William was oh so kind to catch a ton of beads and stuffed toys for me (he really shouldn't have), which I in turn gave to Izze.

This was yet another short and sweet trip, but I am glad he got to see his friends and take a breather from school.

**Please forgive the quality of the photos below, some I stole from Will's facebook and the others are from his phone.  I was a little afraid to send him off with the flip cam and our one and only working camera.**

Pure Joy for New Orleans!  (maybe not so much for Matt?)


Inside the Bacchus Ball

Floats Ga-LORE


Izze loves her new toys!

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811 more days until William graduates

February 10, 2010

Kayla's Wedding

Kayla Got Hitched!
February 6, 2010

Kayla Medina Guerkink has been my very good friend since I can even remember.  We use to frolic around on Raintree Circle, play barbies, argue who would be Shannon Miller on the front lawn, and then some years later would argue on who got to be Dominique Moceanu (the argument was always settled by "I'll be Dominique Moceanu # 1, and you can be Dominique Moceanu #2").  We danced together, swam together, had many slumber parties, and I think we spent most of our first 15 years together. 

Since, our older siblings were much older (they were in high school when we were just 4 or 5 years old), the fighting, sharing, and spending so much time together really made us more than friends but sisters.

Vintage Hanieh & Kayla on Halloween (check out the Barbie corvette in the background)

Kayla got married last weekend in Norman to Mr. Jack Geurkink. I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids, and stood by her side as she said her vows.  Her wedding was absolutely beautiful, our bouquets were filled with red roses (just in time for Valentine's Day), as the church and reception were filled with  red and white flowers!  And most importantly Kayla was a stunning bride!  The reception was at the OU Memorial Football Stadium (William was very jealous and also very sad he never thought about having our reception there).  William and I had a blast ( we LOVE weddings) and danced the night away!

 Rehearsal Dinner after party at good ol' 747

 Beautiful Bride!

Taking some bridal portraits

Friends for over 20 years!


 William and his Mom (who just so happen to be Kayla's old boss...small world!)

 End of the night picture (not the best picture of me)

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822 More Days Until William Graduates :)