April 18, 2010

Dear Blog,
I've abandoned you...and I'm sorry...
I have been busy....
and I have felt somewhat uncreative....
I have had way too much fun to give you the attention you deserve...

Taylor Swift Concert
My inner 13 year old girl spirit came alive, while I jumped for joy and anticipated for days to go to the Taylor Swift Concert.  I joined the other teeny boppers, and the other girls too young to even be considered teeny boppers.  I couldn't help but think over and over again...how some of these girls are way too young to know what it's like to have boy crushes, or have your heart broken.  Then again, aren't kids getting cell phones at age 8 now? 
So, who am I to talk? 
Needless to say everyone deserves to be a 13 year old girl again, it is just way too much fun!

Back to my 25 year old self, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert in my grown up seats, sipping my grown up cocktails, and enjoying the concert with my grown up friend.

Yep, we are pretty fearless :)

 Law Prom
Will and I attended his first Law Prom!  

We went...we saw....we conquered...like we were in college again...oh how I miss those days :)

Wedding season is back in full force.  With that said, weddings bring reunions with great friends, dancing, and well I have to say it...free food and wine!

 Yea that really happened...Boomer...Sooner!

Congrats Brian & Mandy!

*If happiness is bliss, then the last two weeks have been very blissful*

Thanks for Reading!!
757 More Days until William Graduates...