January 28, 2010

I love sunshine on my face and flip flops on my feet!

Phoenix 2010

Martin Luther King weekend, William and I went to Phoenix to visit his dad. Though we were only there for 3 short days, it was well worth waking up at 5 in the morning to catch the flight, the long security line, William almost getting his money clip hijacked by airport security, and did I mention having to take off my boots (why do I always fly with the worst possible shoes??).

When we landed we were greeted with sunshine on our faces and a nice 70 degree day, and what could possibly be better than that? Especially after surviving a blizzard, the coldest temperatures in 20 years, and as I am typing this right now, the Ice Storm of 2010. Yea... you thought right...nothing!

William got a chance to go golfing with his Dad, although he did complain he could only go once instead of 3 times like he was hoping. I got a chance to go to Scottsdale and do some much needed shopping! William also took me back to the Arizona State campus to walk around.

For those who don't know, William went to Arizona State his first semester of college before he transferred into good ol' OU. I absolutely adore the ASU campus! The scenery is beautiful with the hills and mountains, there are palm trees and orange trees that fill the campus (Palm trees are my favorite trees), and best of all ASU has a large assortment of bars, restaurants, and shops.

There is something about Arizona that just puts you in a good mood. It may be the weather, but I think it is just a relaxing atmosphere. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting our family out there, and defiantly can't wait to get back to sunny, warm, not a cloud in the sky Phoenix!

Finally getting to break in my new Toms...one of my Christmas presents from Will


Downtown Scottsdale

Not the greatest picture...but this is where Will's old dorm was


"A" Mountain...Look closely and you can see the hikers...I am very jealous that they have this

In n Out...My FAVORITE!

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835 more days until William graduates :)...And maybe we will move to Phoenix??  It's looking like a dream spot right now, when there's an ice storm going on outside.

January 15, 2010

Praying for Haiti

Praying for Haiti

With the recent events that unraveled over the last couple of days in Haiti, I couldn't help to think about how life is so strange.

Here I am in Oklahoma, living my life day to day, but I keep pondering how my life could be so different. 

What if I was born somewhere like Haiti?

What if I had family that lived in Haiti?

What if it was me trying to survive a devastating earth quake?

I guess the question is what if?

I could not imagine trying to survive, trying to find family members, with no medical help, and little food and water.  I couldn't imagine being so dependent on other countries to help me.  I couldn't imagine living in such conditions.  For that, I am trying to be more grateful for what I do have.  Some days I feel like I could be more, do more, and especially have more.  But at the end of the day I am happy.  I am happy with what I have, what I do, and who I love. 

The world is such a strange place.  It seems so unfair how in parts of the world, people are not geared to live out their life with dreams, but live day to day just trying to survive.  So, today if you can't give to Haiti monetarily, then think about the people of Haiti with your heart. 

I have to give a shout out to my friend Morgan (http://jeffandmorgan.blogspot.com/) for inspiring this post with her "Bleeding" heart!

Thanks for Reading!

848 more days until William graduates and changes the world for the good! :)

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January 7, 2010

Meet our kids before we have kids!

Bohdi and Izze Bear Pace

I thought I would take the time to talk about our dogs (kids) Bohdi and Izze.

Bohdi is the oldest, born June of 2005.  He is a Weimaraner, if you couldn't tell already.  William got him in December of 2005 from a breeder in Oklahoma. Bohdi is named after the character Bodhi (we like to be unique and spell ours differently) in the movie Point Break (circa 1991).

Bohdi (BoBo is what I like to call him) is the most lovable dog there is!  You can always find him curled up in the smallest ball on the couch, but if you sit next to him, he will cozy up next to you and put his head on you (right now as I am typing this, he somehow wedged his head through my arm to lay his head on my keyboard).  He isn't like any other Weimaraner there is, for instance he is defiantly not a hunting dog.  He will only exert his energy when you take him on walks, or when he scales the kitchen cabinets to steal the food we forgot to put away on the counter.  He sleeps all day, doesn't fetch or play catch.  His main priority when active is trying to chase the squirrals in our backyard.  His favorite indoor activity is singing (howling).  When there is any sort of car alarm, police, or fire truck siren Bohdi will for sure belt out some tunes (although when we have guests, William or I will hum like a siren, so he can show off his singing skills).  Bohdi has a one of a kind personality, and we love him so much for it!

Snuggling while typing...always the best :)

The smallest ball a 75 pound dog can get into...achieved by the one and only Bohdi

Bohdi went to the Grand Canyon with us in 2006


Izze Bear

 Izze Bear is the baby, born May of 2006.  We are not sure what breed she is, but her mom was a white lab, and we think she has some shepard in her.  We got Izze Bear  from Lake Eufaula in July of 2006.  She was a bit of a surprise to us, because it was so sudden how we did get her.  William and I were driving into Eufaula when we saw the litter on the side of the main road.  They were giving the puppies away for free, and we could resist her cute little face.  So, in a swift 5 minutes of pulling over and looking over the litter, we picked her out and took her to home!  William name her Izze, and I added the "Bear" because she looked like a little polar bear when she was a puppy.

Izze is a little more active than Bohdi, but just as lazy when it comes to being inside.  She loves playing fetch with her tennis balls.  My favorite part about coming home from work is seeing my girl.  She wraps her paws around my waist as if to give me a hug.  Also, the thing about Izze is that she thinks she is a lot smaller than she really is (yes, yes, I know she is a little overweight).  When we go to the dog park, she prefers to hang out by the fence that separates the little dogs that are under 10 pounds with the big dogs.  But don't get her wrong, she will be bossy to dogs her size when necessary.

The day we got her.

The cutest little puppy in the world!

Me and my girl in 2006.

 I just can't resist posting pictures from when she was a puppy!

Alright, Alright enough puppy pictures!  She turned out to be a cute dog too!
P.S. She loves snow!

When Izze spots another dog...there's no hope for me or her leash.

Our dogs are like our kids.  We care so much for them and cherish the companionship they provide us.  They complete our little family...for now.

P.S. 856 more days until William graduates :)

January 4, 2010

Thank God for 4 Wheel Drive...Oklahoma Snow Storm 2009

Happy New Year!

William and I had a great Christmas and a very fun and happy New Years Eve.  I loved having the time off of work to hang out with family, friends, and most importantly have some quality time with William before his school starts up again.

William and I had a pretty eventful Christmas Eve, one that I would have never imagined.  And it all started with some snow!  We woke up Christmas Eve morning with something banging against our windows.  Needless to say we just thought it was some wind and a little snow, nothing we haven't seen before.  My mom called me and to tell me that there was no way she could drive from Norman to Edmond to spend Christmas Eve with the family.  I was pretty upset and understood that she didn't want to take the chance of driving up here in her small car.  William and I decided to go down to Norman and pick her up, so she could be with the family.  We definitely had no idea what was going on outside of our house and into the world of a true blizzard. 

The drive down to Norman wasn't so bad, William had driven through plenty of snow storms in Colorado, so he was more experienced driving in snow.  However, the drive back to Oklahoma City was true chaos and probably one of those things that you  truely have to see to believe!  We had some white out conditions where we had no idea what was front of us, there were no actual lanes on the highway just people weaving in and out of drivers getting stuck in the snow drifts.  It seemed like a movie, because people just abandoned their cars in the middle of streets, or on the side of the road, semis were stuck right by our neighborhood (one being a Clearly Organic truck...that I really wanted to loot) , and the highways were all closed.

So, after our 3 hour trip to Norman and back, we pushed 3 cars, and a truck, out of the way to get to our street (not to mention in 50 mph wind) and I had three minor panic attacks (William was so calm during the whole trip) we made it home safely! I am so glad that William has 4 wheel drive on his SUV, we got to make it to Christmas Eve at my brothers and all of the Christmas day activities on William's side of the family. 

Please Note:  These pictures were taken on my phone, so the quality is not great.

The"Before" picture of our yard.

My brave husband!

Very Little Visibility on the highways



When we got home from Norman, all the snow had drifed to our side of the street

Looking up our street

The "After" picture...the snow in our yard was knee deep.

Christmas Morning...what a White Christmas!

Happy 2010 to you all!

859 days until William graduates :)