May 26, 2011

Bon Voyage

 It's officially SUMMER time in the Pace household.  William and I are gearing up for some amazing summer trips planned.  I am loving some items this season + some essentials for traveling

My personal Favorites: Eye Alert, Ultimate Hand Salve, & Creme de Corps

Kate Spade Passport Holder

Also, while sifting through some old pictures...I came across some pictures I took of our suite at the Gaylord Hotel in D.C.

 Mirror Mirror on the wall (and ceiling)...who is the fairest suite of them all?

 The master bath that I wish I could take home with me
Master Bedroom...check out that headboard!

entry table...amazing!

I am obsessed with every little detail in all the rooms.
 Z Gallerie has an assortment of furniture and accessories that fit this motif:
 I love this mirror & chair combo

 Can you believe this is a coffee table?  How fun!

The one thing I love about  Z Gallerie is that it is affordable to have such chic items in your house!

Happy Thursday!
Thanks for Reading
 352 more days until William graduates!

May 19, 2011

Bedroom Revamp...continued

Hi All!  I hope you all are having a happy THUNDER Thursday!

I found some great inspiration for the bedroom... at Centsational Girl.  She is a pretty amazing DIYer!  
The first thing I am going to tackle is this amazing headboard she made:

(centsational girl)!  I'm not going to lie, when I first saw how she made this, I thought to myself "Take THAT Pottery Barn!".  But I also have to admit, I am one of those people who would never have the patience to do something like this and would end up buying it from Pottery Barn anyways...*sigh*.  Hope times are changing, since the hubs has been influencing the DIYer out of me.

One other thing about Centsational her fab bedroom.  Her bedroom layout somewhat mirrors my own bedroom, so I am convinced I can make this layout work.  We have two windows that are separated far enough apart, that I think I can manage to squeeze our bed in between.  I am hoping this opens enough room to have a little reading nook with a lounge chair in the corner of the room....we will see....

(centsational girl)

reading nook ideas...
 The color scheme doesn't quite match, but you get the idea.  Something small and nestled.

this one is so dreamy.
I think if I could pull off a house full of all white furniture with colorful pillows and accessories...
I would do it...
but then I have these three kids...and it wouldn't last more than 5 minutes...

On another note, since I am over Pottery Barn for the moment, I am over their night stand that I have been drooling over...and now am in love with this one:

Love You West Elm

happy thursday.
hoping for a THUNDER win!  
359 more days until William graduates!

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful, selfless, beautiful mother!

I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

(I'm ready for a vacation....Costa Rica 2009)

370 More days until William Graduates

May 5, 2011

Knock....Knock....You there????

Hello my dear family and friends!

Sorry, it's been awhile? it almost summer already?

Well...I finally...finally finished my first year of Grad School!
I am actually pretty excited...bad news is...I start back at school in two weeks...
another piece of good news is....
William is almost a 3L!! Can I get an A to the MenHallalejah!

Well...while I have been away....

I must admit, it wasn't because I was buried head deep in books...
I have been actually blog stalking any interior/redocrating/demo your house kinda blogs
its actually been consuming a lot of my time.
for some reason...I feel really inspired
and when I say inspiried..
at this point I can be inspired by a slab of concrete :) you think I'm kidding you...but I am not..

I don't know what has gotten into William and me...
we are seriously HGTV/DIY network junkies.

So here we go...William is getting back into gear from his old wood chuck days at Santa Fe HS

Here are a couple of pieces I am eyeing these days for the bedroom

(clearly I have moved on from the sleigh bed...I just couldn't reist this bed)

(this chair is oh so dreamy)

(the color is off...but hoping Will can build this)

(um...slightly OBSESSED with this lamp)

(William and I both really want a tall mirror that stands on its own)

Alright stay tuned...I am hoping to get more ideas going...for wall art/accessories/etc

Also here are a couple of blogs I am drooling over lately:

They are both FAB and I stalk them more than once a day :)

Happy Thursday.

(we love THUNDER basketball)
373 More Days Until William Grad-u-ATES...