September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Yep, that is Will.  At Kate's First Birthday Party.  He was the first and only one to put ladybug party hat on.
He will make one amazing dad one day...hopefully to a little girl ;)

Until then...she appreciated it

Happy Birthday to

Little Miss Kate

Happy Wednesday

600 more days until William graduates...

September 17, 2010

Back to Books

School School School

 What have I been up to lately?........School...School...School...

For two people who hate school as much as William and I....

we sure do find ourselves back there a lot.....

"Justification for Higher Education" these words stuck to the back of my head as my mother hammered them in throughout undergrad.

Yes, ladies and gents:  I am back at school...back at getting my masters.

As my brother put it:  "I thought you liked having your weekends and evenings to yourself?"  I me... I do.

Now, hopefully this is not as painful as undergrad was.  I am actually interested in the classes that I am taking and I feel like this degree will take me places...i hope.

I still remember the day, my last day of undergrad.  I had just finished giving my oral presentation for a research project.  I exited the glass doors of Gaylord and the dry winter air loomed around me.  Instead of shivering on that cold December day, I had a burst of warmth that flooded through me as I gave the biggest smile and thought to myself,  "I. AM. DONE.".  I could have swung around on the light posts, and sang "I'm singing in the Rain"...yea... that kind of warm bubbly feeling. I wish someone would have told me my future right then and there, so I could walk home cold and miserable...(a bit mellow dramatic...yes...I know).  Now fast forward 3 years (I still can't believe it's been that long) and I am back roaming the halls of OU. So these days my head is stuck in smelly school books and I get to re-live the college experience.

I just hope I don't convince myself to get a Ph.D., then I really might turn myself into a Psych ward for going crazy enough to put myself through that...but we will see :).  That is the thing about working for a higher education, you can easily get swayed to do crazy things like go back to school, especially after seeing someones name end with: MD, Ph.D., and DDS <----can you say over achiever?

Happy Friday!!
EnJoY sOme SooNeR FooTbAll aNd a sUnsHinY KiNd of WeEkenD......

605 more days until William g.r.a.d.u.m.a.t.e.s.
? more days until I graduate (again my fate is still to yet be determined :) )

September 8, 2010

Dog dancing merengue

Wordless Wednesday

You all know how much I love dogs...
If you are not a dog person now...this may change your mind:

If only my Izze girl wasn't so top heavy :)...

Happy Wednesday!
614 more days until William graduates....

September 1, 2010

Football Time in Oklahoma....

Semi Wordless Wednesday

There's Only ONE Oklahoma

In three days, I will be sitting up high at Owen Field, wearing my crimson and cream, standing among 85,000 fans screaming BOOMER SOONER, melting in the sun, but getting chills when I see this:

*thanks you tube for the terrible formatting

Yep, it's that time of year....the time of year where William and I devote ourselves every Saturday to College Football...

The time of year where reunions are in check and friends come from near and far to celebrate
tradition that is....OU Game Day

The time of year that makes me giddy with excitement come July...

The time of year where I hope that OU will have a Heisman candidate, just so I can hear Billy Sims yell "Booma"..."Booma"..."Booma"...a thousand times.

The time of year where there is extra Longhorn Bashing...Texas Sucks Action...hating any team that has the color "orange", and have internal excitement when ESPN airs anything OU Football...and did I mention Texas Sucks?....because they do.....


just a little tebow humor...gonna miss that this year....

William and I could not be more excited about Saturday!
621 more days until William graduates.....