July 18, 2011


hello blog friends & family
It has been one crazy month...
William and I have been traveling a lot and both are finishing up with summer school this week :)
..not to mention we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and I turned one year younger older.

This past June, William and I went to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate the marriage of some dear college friends...
It was so fun, relaxing, and while I endure this extreme heat in the south I really miss the crystal clear blue ocean right at my feet.

check out William's "sweet 'stache"

While I am on the beach band wagon:

A "Surveyor" Lamp
Beach House Shutter
colorful pillows
colorful vase
a lovely beach chandelier
how amazing is this room?

happy monday.

299 more days until we graduate


  1. My mom bought that anthropologie vase! I am soooo jealous of it...

  2. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and am so happy I did. I'm thrilled to be your newest follower! I hope you'll come visit me sometime....
    Stacy @ www.conspicuousstyle.com