June 16, 2011

Summer Summer Summer Time

Two Vacations
Two Weeks

William and I are finally settling back home after two glorious weeks of traveling
We visited two great cities, both very very different from one another....
More to come soon!

happy thursday.
331 more days until WE graduate


  1. You two are adorable! I am so jealous are you road tripping? I am dying to go on one but with our house in the finishing stages we cannot leave for more than a day or two:) To me summer is all about adventure, exploring new places, hopping in the car and just going! My post today is all about the seduction of summer in fact!

  2. Thank you!! We are not road tripping...we just so happened to have one trip already planned and a destination wedding a mere few days later...both trips were relaxing and amazing. I love summer traveling...it is so rewarding!